PA Induction

An induction is where you learn about your job, like where to find things you will need and what is expected of you. It usually happens when you first start in your new role. See what can be covered in an Induction process and what to expect when starting a new role as a PA.

Training for PAs

Some PA roles require training but every role is different. Sometimes that training must be done, for example to prevent injury if your employer needs help with moving, and in these cases your employer is responsible for ensuring you do it.

Your Health and Safety as a PA

Find out about the measures your employer should take to look after your health and safety at work.

ID Badges for PAs

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The PA Network Scotland offers free ID badges to all PAs working in Scotland. Find out how to order yours.

The Open Badges Scheme for PAs

Open Badges are free digital certificates that support ongoing learning and evidence of professional development in your role as a PA. PAs can earn Open Badges from the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and many other social service organisations when they complete a course and pass the assessment.

Where to get support as a PA

Organisations that PAs can go to for additional information, advice and support on a range of issues

Where to Get Advice on Employment Issues

Sometimes when you think you've been treated unfairly, the good legal advice is important. You should always try to resolve an issue in the workplace if you can, and support networks can help. When this process fails you may need to find employment legal advice.

Getting help to sort out problems

Find out what help Personal Assistants and PA Employers can get if they have any problems managing their relationship.

Trade Union Membership

Trade unions are groups of employees who join together to protect and improve their working conditions. Find out how trade union membership could benefit you as a PA.

Payroll Services in Scotland

Employing a PA brings with it certain legal and financial responsibilities. Therefore, PA employers may use a payroll service to help them, for example, calculate how much tax and National Insurance their PAs should pay.

Where to Look for PA Jobs

Find out about the best places to look for PA vacancies.

Preparing for a job interview as a PA

Hints and tips on what to expect if you are invited for an interview as a PA.

Moving from Benefits to Starting Work as a PA

If you are considering moving from benefits to starting work as a PA, you may have questions about what this means. Find out more and learn where to get help moving into work.

Being Employed as a PA by a Family Member

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It is possible for a PA to be employed by a family member to provide care and support to them. However, this is still seen as an 'exceptional circumstance', which means it wouldn't normally happen unless it is for specific reasons.

Your Rights as an Unpaid Carer when Working

Knowing your rights as a carer when you are employed

Support for PAs who are also unpaid carers

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You may be working as a Personal Assistant and also support someone else in your life, unpaid - like a family member or friend. This article explains what support is available to you if you are an unpaid carer.

Pensions for Personal Assistants

Information about pensions for Personal Assistants, including when you may be eligible for automatic enrolment in a workplace pension.


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