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During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became important for all social care workers to be able to demonstrate proof of employment as a key worker. However, Personal Assistants (PAs) did not have a nationally recognised form of ID to make this known, where required.

From Monday 28th March 2022, the Personal Assistants Network Scotland offer ID badges, approved by the Scottish Government, to all registered PAs. These are similar to IDs for Care Agency Workers and NHS staff and can be used to identify yourself as a key worker.

Other benefits of ID badges for PAs include

  • Identifying you as a PA when you are accompanying your employer away from their home address
  • Evidencing entitlement to free or discounted companion tickets for leisure activities (e.g. swimming or cinema), events (e.g. conferences) or travel (e.g. train or bus travel)
  • Access to other benefits similar to those offered to other healthcare professionals, such as discounts in shops, restaurants and leisure facilities
  • Early access to vaccinations
  • Accessing PPE for yourself or your employer
  • Increasing recognition and awareness of the role of PAs

Please note that this is optional – there is no expectation that all PAs have a badge.

Ordering your PA ID badge

PAs can order their ID badge by clicking here and following the application process which includes:

  • Uploading a passport style photograph (head and shoulders)
  • Adding your name, home address and email address
  • Giving your main employers name

The application process is secure and fully GDPR compliant. Your badge will come with a badge holder and a PA Network lanyard and delivery will be via registered mail.

Membership of the PA Network Scotland

All PAs who order a badge will automatically become registered members of the Personal Assistant Network Scotland, a support network for PAs across Scotland who are directly employed by the person they support.

Membership is free and your badge is also currently free of charge, however this may change in the future.

Next steps

The following link to the Personal Assistant Network Scotland homepage will provide the most up to date information and here you will be able to:

  • Become a registered member of the Personal Assistant Network Scotland
  • Access information, advice, support and training opportunities
  • Order your PA ID Badge
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11 October 2023
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19 April 2022
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