The Open Badges Scheme for PAs

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The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and many other social service organisations offer Open Badges to support ongoing learning and evidence of professional development in your role as a Personal Assistant (PA). Open Badges are free digital certificates that demonstrate the knowledge, skills and achievements gained by completing courses and passing the assessments.

How can I apply for an Open Badge?

To get started with Open Badges offered by the SSSC click here to create an Open Badge account (you will need your own email address to do this).

To view all Open Badges available click here. These are available to anyone who completes the training.

It is recommended that you begin by completing two introductory Badges to help you become familiar with the type of reflective evidence that is required to achieve Open Badges. To access these two introductory Badges click on the following links:

There are number of areas of training available for PAs that may be useful in your day-to-day work or specific to the needs of the person that you provide assistance.

The following links give examples of Open Badges that may be a good starting point to support your role as a PA:

Each Badge includes the description of the achievement and the evidence to support the badge award.

Why should I collect Open Badges?

  • Training that may help with career progression
  • Badges can provide evidence for and back up what you say on your CV, application form or at a job interview
  • You can share them on social media and employability websites such as LinkedIn
  • You own your badges and they won’t disappear if you change jobs
  • You can work at your own pace

Next steps:

Visit the SSSC – Getting Started – What you need to know about Open Badges webpage for more information.

The self-directed Support of your employer’s budget may include paid time to enable their PAs to dedicate to training. Speak to your employer about this.


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