PA Employment Costs

There are costs that relate to employing Personal Assistants that it's important to be aware of as an Employer. A PA Employer can manage this themselves or they can ask a Payroll Company to do this for them.

Keeping information about your PAs safe

Find out about your legal responsibilities as an employer when it comes to handling information you hold about your Personal Assistants.

The Role of Local Authorities (Councils)

Local Authorities (councils) have an important role in making sure that PA Employers have the information and support they need to meet their needs.

The Role of Information and Support Organisations

Find out what help you can get from a local Independent Support Organisation if you are thinking about employing PAs, or you're already a PA Employer.

Case Study: How an Independent Support Organisation Assisted Paul to Recruit 4 PAs

Paul has successfully employed PAs to fit his support better into family life


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