Induction for PAs

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Induction is an introduction to everything related to the job you’ll be doing and the environment in which you’ll be working. It will usually be carried out by your employer and could be as simple as turning up on your first day and being guided through what to do and what’s expected of you. It’s about getting to know each other and developing your working relationship.

An induction will help you settle into your role quickly and can also be the start of your ongoing learning and development.

What does it include?

Your induction will be determined by the tasks you’ll be expected to do, your working environment and your employer. Use this list as a guide of what should be included:

  • Your employer explaining what they want you to do, and showing you around your place of work
  • Your employer explaining what support they require and how they prefer to be supported
  • Key aspects of your employment contract, such as working hours, probation period, holidays, sick pay, maternity and parental leave and responsibilities
  • A discussion about professional and personal boundaries
  • If you’re working as part of a team, an introduction to the other personal assistants
  • The house rules, for example, accepting personal calls whilst at work, smoking in the house, leaving the back door open and using tea and coffee in agreed breaks
  • Disciplinary procedures and what would be counted as a disciplinary matter
  • Identifying any specific areas for training, for example, first aid or using specialist equipment
  • Other information that could be valuable, for example, agreeing a backup plan should you be delayed or unable to come to work, and how to report incidents or accidents.

An induction is also a good time discuss how to communicate with your employer, especially if either of you is unhappy, or unsure about how things are working out. It is a good idea to agree how you will communicate this, and what can be done to improve the working relationship.

An induction may also involve the opportunity to shadow more experienced personal assistants.

Next steps

Ask your employer about their induction process for PAs, or find more detail about induction in the article below.

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