Personal Assistant Programme Board

A PA Employer is in a workshop, his PA stands beside him

The Personal Assistant Programme Board brings together people who employ Personal Assistants, Personal Assistants themselves, the Scottish Government and other stakeholders to improve the recognition of – and support for – Personal Assistants in Scotland. The PA Programme Board was set up in 2021.

Personal Assistants are a diverse workforce, and the nature of their role means that (unlike other parts of the social care workforce) there is no one established place where their needs can be understood and their voice heard.

The PA Programme Board provides a national space where work to recognise and support PAs, and in turn their employers, is agreed, planned and carried out.

The work of the PA Programme Board is split into subgroups which focus on:

  • improving national data on Personal Assistants (data subgroup)
  • improving awareness of the PA role, and recruitment infrastructure for PAs (recruitment subgroup)
  • improving training opportunities for PAs and employers (training subgroup)
  • work to support PAs’ wellbeing (wellbeing subgroup)
  • ensuring there is consistent language and messaging around PAs and Employers (communications and information subgroup)
  • developing a consistent approach to Direct Payments across Scotland (direct payment subgroup)
  • developing local peer support networks for PAs (PA networks subgroup).

How can Personal Assistants get involved?

The PA Programme Board is keen to hear from Personal Assistants who would like to be involved to share their experience and to help make things better for all PAs in Scotland.

The Programme Board meets online every three months and PAs can claim expenses to cover the time they contribute.

Please get contact Self Directed Support Scotland at if you are interested in getting involved.

Next steps

Take a look at the Personal Assistant Programme Board website below for more information

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11 June 2024
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28 April 2022
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