Payroll services for PA Employers

Payroll services support people who employ Personal Assistants.

A payroll service can provide the following types of support:

  • Make calculations and do paperwork like calculate PAs’ take-home pay, including any holiday pay, and National Insurance, Tax and pension contributions
  • Calculate any statutory payments, such as statutory sick pay, parental leave, etc.
  • Prepare documents required of employers, eg. P60 and P45 when employees start or leave
  • Act as your agent with HMRC, including registering you as an employer. If acting as your agent with HMRC, the payroll service deals with all HMRC administration on your behalf although you may have to make payments to HMRC directly.

Some may also carry out the following on your behalf as an employer:

  • Make payments on your behalf to PAs, HMRC and a pension provider
  • Deal with the management of a workplace pension scheme, including auto-enrolment, opt-in and opt-out employees.

There are a range of payroll providers offering services across Scotland.

How do payroll services manage PAs’ wages?

If you are using a payroll service, either you or your PA(s) will complete a timesheet for the days and times they have worked. Your payroll service will advise you how often this should be done (eg. weekly, 4-weekly, monthly). You then send the completed timesheets to the payroll service. Best practice is for both you and your PA(s) to sign the timesheet when you send it to the payroll service.

The payroll service will either send payslip direct to your PA(s), or give you the payslips to pass on to your PA(s) yourself. Your PA’s payslip will tell them how much they will be paid after deductions (the amount that will be paid into their bank account) and if any deductions have been made, what these are and how much for.

If your PA(s) have a problem with their pay or payslip, they should speak to you first. If you use a payroll service they can help you sort out any issues.

Next steps

You can find out more about Payroll Services and what they do by looking at their websites. Use the Find Help search tool to find contact details for different payroll services. Some only work in some areas of Scotland and others work all across Scotland.

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