Case Study: Mary Takes on a PA for her Father with Dementia

Mary’s dad has Dementia and after the loss of her Mum, and then unexpectedly her brother, she was determined to keep Dad at home. Her Social Worker suggested Option 1 of Self-directed Support. Mary was worried about all the paperwork and regulations this would involve. However, after receiving free information and advice from an Independent Support Organisation (ISO), she decided to try it. With the support of the ISO, she devised a care plan using PAs.

Since hiring Personal Assistants (PAs) Mary’s Dad has regained both his confidence and his independence. He attends Country and Western nights on a Saturday, attends day centres during the week and has such a strong relationship with his PA that he goes with her when she does voluntary work and helps out too! Mary says, “SDS has meant I can return to my normal work hours. This is improving my family’s quality of life and I’m completely confident that Dad is happy, socialising and being cared for properly”.

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22 June 2022
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26 April 2022
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